Game Notes

Want to come to Winterhawks games armed with the latest stats and notes? Then before every home game download the Game Notes, print off the pages you need and come to the Moda Center or Coliseum with a bevy of team information. Just click on that day’s game and you can impress your friends with your thorough knowledge of obscure stats.

Feb 23 vs EVT

Feb 21 vs SEA

Feb 16 vs MJ

Feb 14 vs SPO

Feb 4 vs SPO

Feb 1 vs SEA

Jan 24 vs TC

Jan 19 vs KEL

Jan 18 vs KEL

Jan 14 vs REG

Jan 7 vs SPO

Jan 4 vs TC

Dec 31 v SEA

Dec 15 vs SEA

Dec 13 vs EVT

Dec 8 v PG

Dec 7 v PG

Nov 24 vs SAS

Nov 23 vs EVT

Nov 20 vs VAN

Nov 17 vs WPG

Nov 15 vs SPO

Nov 8 vs VAN

Nov 2 vs SEA

Oct 23 vs PA

Oct 19 vs BND

Sept 22 vs KAM

Sept 21 vs TC

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