Winterhawks Visit Jr Hockey Practice

The Portland Winterhawks have teamed up with the Winterhawks Jr Hockey for a Shadow Program that will bring both organizations together for skills and drills practices. The Portland Winterhawks (PWH) and Winterhawks Junior Hockey (WJH) teams select WJH skill and competition practices with the focus of fostering community and connection through hockey. Each PWH player is involved in a selected practice over the course of two weeks, where they will assist both players and coaches to master new or difficult individual skills and coordinated team plays.

WJH players will engage in a fun and enlightening Q&A segment before taking the ice for practice. WJH coaches will have the chance to teach harder material through PWH demonstration and receive help to describe something in a new way their players may better relate to. At the end of practice, each team will gather at center ice for a team photo.

The Portland Winterhawks are very excited to expand this program next season and in the following years, reaching even further to spread the joy of hockey.


8U team- Seth Jarvis, Simon Knak, Tyson Kozak


10U Team- Jack O’Brien, James Stefan, Jake Gricius, Johnny Ludvig



12U- Joel Hofer, Mason Mannek, Kishaun Gervias



14U Team- Kade Nolan, Jaydon Dureau


 *More team photo and video to follow

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