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The Portland Winterhawks are pleased to announce we have partnered with DASH Auction, our newest digital auction platform.

For years, Hawks fans used Future Star Jerseys to bid on game worn jerseys and other team memorabilia. Now fans can enjoy the same exciting auction items on an exciting new platform.


Bid now on a set of game-worn, autographed jerseys from your favorite Winterhawks. Also, there is no need to wait for an auction to end to take home Winterhawks memorabilia. Browse our selection of game-used, autographed goal pucks from the 2018-19 season and buy them today!


Welcome to DASH; a mobile-friendly auction platform built specifically for sports teams and their fans. DASH will look and feel very different than so please look through all the information listed below. We hope to make this transition as easy as possible.

Once you sign into DASH, click the “PROFILE” button in the upper right corner to update the following information:
  • Credit Card Number: As an added security feature, the DASH auction platform includes built-in credit card processing. No more emails or phone calls to process your payment as DASH handles that automatically at the conclusion of the auction.
  • Mailing Address: Update your profile by adding your current mailing address. Now that auctions are paid upon closing, we can get your jerseys in the mail faster.
  • Mobile Phone Number (optional): Stay up-to-date with the latest Winterhawks jersey auctions with text notifications from DASH.



In the DASH platform, an “auction” is a group of items available for bid with a common closing date and time. Click the auction header image to view the individual items and place bids on your favorite ones.

View an item like the one of Jake Gricius pictured above and place your bid!

Each auction item will have its own header image containing information about the jersey. If you notice a blue dot on the image, it means there are more pictures of the item. Scroll by clicking on the image and swiping to the left. Swipe right to scroll back and view the previous images.
We’ve included icons to help you quickly understand the item’s game use and autograph status:
  • Game Worn: The jersey was issued to and worn in-game by the player.
  • Game Used: The equipment (sticks, gloves, helmets…) was used in-game by the player or team.
  • Game Issued: The jersey is game-weight and created for the player, but was NOT worn in-game.
  • Autographed: The item is autographed by the player.
When you find the item you’ve gotta have, it’s easy to stake your claim:
Auction Items:
  • Bidding: Simply hit “Place Bid”. In the bidding interface that appears, type the amount you wish to bid and hit “Submit.” As long as you bid a valid amount and we already have your information, your bid will immediately post for the full amount. NOTE: No transactions will occur on your credit card unless you are the winning bidder when the auction time expires.
  • Buy Now: Simply hit “Buy Now”. No need to wait until the end of the auction to win some great Winterhawks memorabilia. Click the buy now option and you’ll immediately win the item, but act fast because sometimes a limited quantity of the item is available for purchase.
  • Overtime: We hate it when bids get sniped at the last minute too. To help prevent this, we created Overtime where you can drop the gloves and go for gold.
    • Overtime starts if you are the high bidder on an item and another bidder places a bid in the last 60 seconds of auction. At least two bidders make it to Overtime, but sometimes more!
    • 2 Minutes to Outbid: If you’re lucky enough to make it to Overtime, you’ll have 2 minutes to place your BEST and FINAL bid. You won’t know your competitor’s final bids, so be sure to give it your best shot!
  • Shipping: The Winterhawks will ship your item via USPS based on the following preset rates below. For fastest delivery just purchase the corresponding “BUY NOW” shipping option immediately after winning your auction item.
    • U.S. bidders: $16
    • Canadian bidders: $55 (US)
    • International bidders: $55 (US)

That’s all you need to know. Thank you for your support of the Winterhawks auction program, good luck with the new DASH platform, and happy bidding!


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