Game Notes

Want to come to Winterhawks games armed with the latest stats and notes? Then before every home game download the Game Notes, print off the pages you need and come to the Moda Center or Coliseum with a bevy of team information. Game Notes will be posted on this page by 1 p.m. the day of every home game beginning in September. Just click on that day's game and you can impress your friends with your thorough knowledge of obscure stats.

Click the link below for each home game's Game Notes:

February 6 vs. Victoria

February 5 vs. Seattle

January 24 vs. Tri-Cities

January 22 vs. Seattle

January 18 vs. Vancouver

January 16 vs. Saskatoon

January 13 vs. Regina

January 10 vs. Kamloops

January 9 vs. Kamloops

January 3 vs. Spokane

January 2 vs Spokane

December 31 vs. Seattle

December 27 vs. Tri-City

December 12 vs. Prince George

December 11 vs. Prince George

November 28 vs. Vancouver

November 25 vs. Moose Jaw

November 20 vs. Tri-City

November 13 vs. Swift Current

November 7 vs. Kelowna

November 6 vs. Kelowna

November 1 vs. Everett

October 28 vs. Tri-City

October 25 vs. Brandon

October 16 vs. Everett

October 13 vs. Prince Albert

October 11 vs. Seattle

October 9 vs. Spokane

October 3 vs. Everett

2014-15 Game Notes Archive