Community Appearances

School Appearances
The Winterhawks have some pretty cool programs for schools. Budgets are thin and we think we can provide a fun way to enhance learning that won’t cost your school any money. To schedule an appearance, contact Graham Kendrick at
Floor Hockey and Physical Fitness
We would love to conduct a floor hockey clinic at your school! We can run your P.E. Classes or conduct an afterschool clinic. Hockey is a fun and unique way to be physically active. Kids of all ages will have fun playing floor hockey. We have all the gear needed, we just need kids and a place to play.
Speakers Bureau
The Winterhawks love to talk hockey. If your school, class, club, or group is looking for a speaker, give us a shot! Hockey is an exciting sport so we don’t have any shortage of enthusiasm when it comes to sharing stories and knowledge. To schedule a speaker, contact Graham Kendrick at