Billets play an important role in our organization- they don't just give the players a place to live, they provide them with a home away from home. Often, the bond between the players and their billets lasts long after the players leave Portland. Many Winterhawks alumni continue to return to Portland every year to visit their second families. We'd like to thank our billets for everything they do for our players.

Shawn, Valerie, Tommy, Mack, and Ashley Ashbaugh, billets of Ryan Hughes and Conor MacEachern

Bob & Carol Bechtold, billets of Paul Bittner

Dave Cruthers, Teri Smith (not pictured), and Ian Cruthers (not pictured), billets of Skyler McKenzie and Michael Bullion

Todd and Julie Eggen, billets of Evan Weinger

Brian, Summer, Grace and Lucas Facchini, billets of Alex Schoenborn and Carl Ericson

Teresa, Rodney, and Cam Forni, billets of Jack Dougherty, Dominic Turgeon and Colton Veloso

Robert & Carrie Gibson, billets of Brendan De Jong and Cody Glass

Greg & Erin Lester, billets of Keoni Texeira and Rihards Bukarts

 Barbara Rankin, billets of Caleb Jones and Rodrigo Abols

 Dwight, Angela, Caiden and Gannon Reid, billets of Keegan Iverson

Phillip, Kendra, Kyle, Bryce, and Chase Robin, billets of Brett Clayton and Carter Czaikowski

Judy, Michael, Trystan and Kailey Swiger, billets of Adin Hill and Tanner Nagel

Jenni Vanderzanden, Patrick Connell, and Kali Connell, billets of Alex Overhardt and Blake Heinrich