Easy Pay Makes Every Ticket Affordable

Winterhawks ticket packages start as low as $9 per month when you use Easy Pay!

Using Easy Pay allows you to pay for your ticket accounts on a monthly basis from now through February of 2013.  As an added benefit, purchase your 2013 playoff package at the 2012 price and spread out your payments through April of 2013. 

Here are a few examples of how Easy Pay makes tickets more affordable:

  • A family of four purchases a six-game package in the Family Zone for $274 (a $393 value).  Their payment will be just  $48 per-month with Easy Pay.  That same family of four can upgrade to the 100 level or Rose Garden Club for just $28 more per-month.

  • A business purchases four 20-packs in the Club Level to entertain prospective clients.  Their package total is $1,420 (a $2,320 value).   With Easy Pay, they only have to pay $240 per month – which makes the accounting department much happier.

  • A couple purchases 100 Level Winterhawks Season tickets for the first time after last year’s exciting playoff run.  Their package total is $1,260 or just $210 per month with Easy Pay (a $2,088 value).  Plus, they decided to add this year’s playoffs for just $12 more per month.

Call 503.236.HAWK(4295) to set up easy pay on your existing account or purchase a new ticket package today!

Complete Easy Pay pricing details: Click each image for more information.