Burgerville Daylight Classic

Update: Offer Available by phone only through 1:00 PM Friday, November 25, 2016.  

Call now: 503.236.HAWK(4295)

Get your tickets now for the 2016 Burgerville Daylight Classic on November 25th at 3 pm in Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Catch the action with the sun out and the curtains in the VMC down as natural daylight pours into the arena bowl. Choose one of two special Burgerville packages:

1.) Four 200 level tickets + $30 BV gift card for just $65 ($134 value)
2.) Four 100 lev tickets + $30 Burgerville gift card = $105 ( $174 value)

Will Call ONLY

The Burgerville Classic is a unique and fun game, played in natural light in the VMC!